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Close to Home by Cara Hunter

Genre: CrimeContemporaryAdult, MysteryThriller

352 pages | Published August 21st, 2018

Rating: 5/5 stars

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Someone took Daisy Mason. Someone YOU KNOW.

Last night, 8-year-old Daisy Mason disappeared from her parents’ summer party. No one in the quiet suburban street saw anything – or at least that’s what they’re saying. DI Adam Fawley is trying to keep an open mind. But he knows that nine times out of ten, it’s someone the victim knew. That means someone is lying. And that Daisy’s time is running out…

Introducing DI Fawley and his team of Oxford detectives, CLOSE TO HOME is a pulse-pounding race against time and a penetrating examination of what happens to a community when a shocking crime is committed by one of its own.



Big thanks to Porto Editora for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review! 

What a pleasant surprise this was! 😍 CLOSE TO HOME is about Daisy, an 8-year-old girl who went missing from a costume party at her own house. Told from the perspective of detective Adam Fawley, we try to find out where she is, who took her, and how it is possible that no one at the party saw anything…



CLOSE TO HOME is a crime novel about a missing child — something we’ve all seen before. Some might even say that it’s overdone. However, I’ve read several books that feature this element, but I don’t remember enjoying them as much as I did this one. The story was super gripping and engrossing, and I kept wanting to read more and more. This is not a long book – the Portuguese edition is just over 300 pages – but wow, soooo many things happen in it. And it was like every other page there was a new revelation, some new information that changed everything. There were twists taking place from beginning to end, which I very much enjoyed 👌🏼



One very interesting element that stood out was the format. Besides regular prose, we get three other forms of storytelling: newspaper articles, recorded interview transcriptions, and tweets. The media coverage is a pretty big part of this story, especially the tweets. All of this reminded me of the Madeleine McCann case that took place here in Portugal a few years ago. Everyone kept blaming the parents because they had neglected the kids and weren’t really looking after them and that led to the disappearance, which is pretty much what happens in CLOSE TO HOME. I really enjoyed seeing what the public thought, the author did a great job with that!



We meet various screwed up characters in CLOSE TO HOME, starting with Daisy’s parents. Basically, everything they do is not what normal people in their situation would do – which, of course, contributes to the media harassing and accusing them. The mom especially acts very oddly, it seems like she doesn’t even care, or like she doesn’t really grasp how serious the situation is – eventually, we understand why.

The narrator, Adam Fawley, is the typical detective figure. His past is painful and obscure and he’s quite emotionally damaged. From the start, he mentions his son and how something terrible happened to him, and we get glimpses of his past throughout the book. However, this book is definitely not focused on him as a character, it is all about the case solving.



That was an unexpected ending if I’ve ever seen one. Goddamn! The whole time I was reading I kept coming up with different theories, but I could never get them right. This is kind of like a classic whodunnit: we engage in the investigation as much as detective Adam Fawley himself, and I absolutely love that! Certainly, some of you genius people out there will figure everything out, but the author kept tricking me the whole time – I love to be tricked by authors 😄

Writing ★★★★★
Characters ★★★★★
Plot ★★★★★
Pacing ★★★★★
Overall 5 stars

Overall, CLOSE TO HOME is an incredibly gripping, compulsive, and fast-paced read. If you’re into whodunnit mysteries and enjoy reading about morally questionable characters, I think you’ll love this one!



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