As we’ve reached the middle of 2018, it is now time to look back on what has been accomplished in terms of reading and the goals I had set for myself.

For my Portuguese followers, I’ve already posted a video on this subject, so if you’re interested, the video will be down below ⇣

Here we go…

1. Read books in all the languages I speak

I’ve been doing good on this one – two languages down, two to go!

2. Read more classics

I could be doing better on this one, to be honest. I have partially read a bunch of Roman classics for my classes, but I’m not sure that counts.

I also started reading ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, but wasn’t enjoying it so it’s paused at the moment. Maybe I’ll end up finishing it soon, who knows?

Either way, I need to pick up the classics on my shelves!

3. Read Portuguese authors

Ooooh yeah, this one I have definitely kept up with! Up until this year, I had barely read anything by Portuguese authors, only a couple of children’s books like 10 years ago. However, in 2018 I’ve already read books by three different national authors, so I’m having the time of my life 😄

4. Book-buying ban

5. The 5-to-1 rule

This one is also a bust. I definitely did not buy one book for every five books I read… instead, I bought like 2 for every book I read 😅

6. Book unhauls

I did do a book unhaul in May! You can see the books I gave away here, I posted about it 😉

7. Keep improving my blog & Instagram

This one has definitely been a priority – even more so than reading! As you probably know by now, I have just switched to self-hosted WordPress, so I now have a proper website. I have also been changing some stuff when it comes to my pictures, as well as posting a lot more frequently on here. So I really have been making progress on this one.

Additionally, we have recently hit two milestones: 200 blog followers and 1800 on Instagram, so I am ecstatic, to say the least 😄😍 Thank you so much!! ♡

8. Finish the books and series I’ve started

I’m currently working on this problem. Slowly, but surely, I have been finishing the books I started a while back. I still haven’t finished any series, though, so I need to get on that!

So, overall, I think I’ve been doing okay. I have started to make progress on most of these, and the only ones I actually didn’t accomplish at all were the book-buying-related ones. I’ll make sure not to set that goal next year – it’s impossible not to buy any books!! 😭

How have you been doing on your goals so far? Better than me, hopefully!!

Thank you so much for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡

P.S. I am away on vacation with little-to-no access to Wi-Fi. If you don’t see much activity on here for a few days, that’s why. I apologize in advance – I’ll make it up to you when I’m back! 😄

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