Hi everyone!! So I’ve never mentioned Eurovision before here on the blog – only on my Portuguese blog. That is because I am aware that most of my followers/audience are not European, so you probably don’t even know what I’m talking about. However, I think it’s important that I talk about other topics and interests of mine from time to time, so today’s post is about music.

Well, I should start by letting you know what Eurovision is. Basically, it’s a song contest. Each European country hosts a competition and chooses an artist (with an original song) to represent them in Eurovision. There are also two non-European countries that have been invited to participate (and have done so for years): Australia and Israel.

This is a big part of European culture, and it was HUUUGE at one point. Everyone stopped to watch Eurovision – although this is not as true anymore since there is so much entertainment out there for us to consume. When my grandparents were 20-30 years old, Eurovision was basically the most exciting event of the year. And they still love to watch it, which is why I have been so immersed in the Eurovision frenzy since I was a kid.

This year, Eurovision was extra exciting. Why? Because last year, for the first time, we won Eurovision. And that means we got to host it this year!! We did an outstanding job, in my humble opinion, so I’m very, very happy with how things went.

My favorite thing was probably the ‘360 Postcards’ that showed different places in Portugal, from North to South to the islands. You can watch them in Eurovision’s Youtube channel.

During the time we were awaiting the results, we had the performance of last year’s winner. Salvador was amazing, as always – and this time with a guest! I love his voice, he’s such a great singer and you can see how passionate he is about it ♡

As for the results of the contest, I have to say I am incredibly disappointed. It’s not that I hated Israel’s song – I didn’t! However, in comparison with all the other songs, I don’t think ‘Toy’ should have won. Also, how the hell did Portugal’s song get the last place!?!? I cried while watching Cláudia perform, that’s how much it touched me! Speaking of which, here are my favorite performances and songs of the Grand Final!!












Aren’t they all so great? I had the time of my life watching the final, you have no idea!! I’m definitely sad about the results, but oh well, maybe next year we’ll get better feedback…

To finish off the post, here is a video that sums up the ‘Eurovision spirit’ – one that makes me incredibly happy every time I watch it!

Did you watch Eurovision? Let me know which song was your favorite down in the comments!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡

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