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Day 18: Do you know anyone else that likes books?

I know plenty of people who like books, but I basically only have one actual friend that likes to read. Fortunately, she reads the same books as I do, so we get to fangirl together hahaha it’s great!!

I sometimes wish that more of my friends would get into reading, but hey, to each their own, we can be friends and have different interests – my friend group is living proof of that haha

Unlike my friends, my parents do like books and reading. However, my mom only reads crime fiction that I haven’t gotten to, so we can’t really discuss them; my dad doesn’t read fiction, only thematic books, mostly history and archaeology-related. As you can see, I’m sort of a lone wolf, except for the one friend from college 😔 But that’s exactly why I love the book community so much!! 😊💕

Are you surrounded by book-loving people? Leave your answer in the comments, I would love to read it!

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