Hi everyone!! Welcome to another Top 5 Tuesday post. T5T is a bookish meme hosted by Shanah over at Bionic Book Worm. If you’re interested in the topics for the remaining tuesdays of November, you can check them out here.

For this week, we’re going to go over the reasons why we blog, which is a very interesting topic – I’m excited to see everyone’s responses! Let’s get right into it…

5. Helps me to improve my writing

I’ve always heard that practice makes perfect. Since English is not my first language, and most of the time I use it in a social context, blogging is a perfect way to practice a more formal English, as opposed to talking to my foreign friends, which involves texting language and the usage of slang words.

Basically, although I don’t use extremely formal or academic language in my posts, blogging helps with not forgetting how to write in proper English so that, in my English classes, I can produce a good essay without too much effort.

4. The community itself

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the online book community. Over the years, I’ve been a part of many different communities, according to my interests at the time, and I honestly believe I’ve been the happiest within the book community. It’s truly an amazing community that I am so proud of. Within it, I especially love the people that take the time to read my posts and interact with me, both here and on Instagram. It sort of gives me a feeling of accomplishment, silly as it may sound, and it feels like a little family.

3. The joy of looking at my blog

Am I the only one who scrolls through their own blog and just sits there with heart eyes admiring what they’re created, and how beautiful it all looks? Just me? Oh, okay…

2. Being able to work with publishers

One of the career paths I have considered is publishing, so being able to work with publishers for this little corner is very rewarding to me, and I am very honored that they even consider a “partnership” with me.

1. Writing about the books I read

As (probably) most of the book bloggers out there, I first started this blog to write about the books I read, and share my opinion with other readers. I had been posting reviews on Tumblr for a while, but I got tired of that website and decided to switch to WordPress, which is – in my understanding – a proper blogging platform. I’ve written a bunch of book reviews since then, along with many other kinds of posts, which you can check out on my book review index.


Let me know all about your own top 5 in the comments!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡


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