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Hi everyone!! Welcome to another Top 5 Tuesday post. T5T is a bookish meme hosted by Shanah over at Bionic Book Worm. If you’re interested in the topics for the remaining tuesdays of November, you can check them out here.

For this week, we’re to talk about the books that have been on our TBR the longest. I don’t really know exactly how long each book has been on my TBR, so what I did was look at my shelves and choose the top 5 books that have been on my bookshelf for ages, and that I really want to get to sometime (relatively) soon.

Let’s get right into the books…

5. Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan


Mr Riordan’s books are extremely praised and loved in the book community, and ever since I joined said community, I’ve wanted to read all of them.

I have started the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, but it wasn’t hooking me, so I paused it. I really want to get back to it, though, because I love Greek mythology, and I might come to really enjoy these books.

4. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell


I’ve mentioned this before, but the first book I entirely read, and the one that got me into reading, was Eleanor and Park. That being the case, Rainbow Rowell has a special place in my heart.

Ever since Carry On came out, I’ve wanted to read it, and I just never picked it up, for no reason at all. Also, I absolutely LOVED Fangirl, which is indirectly related to this one, so why the hell have I not picked this one up???

I need to get on that ASAP, that’s for sure!

3. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


Another book that I’ve had since it came out, but still haven’t read. This one, however, I did pick up at some point, but I wasn’t in the mood for it, so I ended up putting it aside…


I really would love to get to this one while the colder weather lasts, since everyone says it’s definitely a Fall/Winter read!

2. The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson


This was one of the first books that I heard people talk about, like 3-4 years ago. Can you believe this book has been on my bookshelf for years, and I STILL haven’t read it? It’s ridiculous!!

And I know I’m going to love it, so it just makes it that much more stupid…

I’m hoping I can pick this one up during Christmas break!!

1. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

4347796401901b0f5966e4af7aa65f6f-maggie-stiefvater-lose-yourselfMaggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle series is another one of those “classic” booktube recommendations.

I swear every single booktuber I watch has read the quartet, and here I am, writing a blog post about wanting to read it, but then I never pick it up…

This one is the #1 book I want to read out of all the oldest books on my TBR, I really need to get to it!

So those are the books that have been on my TBR pile the longest! What are yours? And do you also keep postponing reads? It’s such a struggle!!

Let me know all about you own top 5 in the comments!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡


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