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Hi loves! Since November is upon us (this year is going by waaaay to fast), it is time to tell you all about the books I read in October, and the ones I plan to read in November.

I only read two books in October, because school has been taking all my time. However, they were both great books, so I’m happy about it. Quality over quantity, am I right?

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The first book I read was You by Caroline Kepnes. I absolutely LOVED this book, and devoured it in no time.

The story is so gripping, and the main character is so well thought-out that I didn’t want to do anything else besides read the whole thing.

You can read more of my thoughts in the review I wrote.

★★★★★ 5/5 stars

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Afterwards, I decided to pick up The Devil Crept In by Ania Ahlborn.

This was quite the disturbing read, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. The story is very unusual – at least I had never heard of anything like it – and the atmosphere is SO creepy. Ahlborn’s writing is very good, I could picture everything clearly in my head.

There is also a review up for this book, which you can find here.

★★★★☆ 4/5 stars

As of today, I have already finished three books. I didn’t have a set TBR for November, but I decided to pick up Throne of Glass on a whim, and now I can’t stop reading this series. I’m currently making my way into book three, Heir of Fire. I have also read a play for my English class, called Educating Rita.
If you’re interested in my thoughts, I have already posted my reviews for Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight.

I have a feeling I will have all of Sarah J. Maas’s books read by the end of November!

However, there are some other books I’d like to pick up this month. Reading the same series might put me in a slump, so I think it’s a good idea to mix some other books in there. Here are my picks:


Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell

A new Rainbow Rowell book?? Fuck me UUUUP!!

I had no idea this was even coming out until I saw it on BookDepository – and immediately ordered it, of course.
Also, it’s a hardcover with illustrations, and it’s on sale for like 35% off, so I had to get it!

If you’d like to take advantage of the sale, you can click here to buy it with free worldwide shipping.

The Bat by Jo Nesbø the-bat

This is the first book to a series I really want to start. From what I’ve gathered, it’s a thriller that follows a detective, which means I’ll probably love it.

I’ve been on a thriller kick lately, so I really want to get to this one soon! Along with a ton of other thrillers


Bricked In by Max Wannow

This book was sent to me by the author, and I am very intrigued about it.

I have no clue what it’s about, but out of the three books he’s released, he recommended that I start with this one. And isn’t this cover absolutely stunning?? I love it soooo much!

It’s relatively short, too, so I’m hoping I can read it this month!

If you’re interested, check Max’s Goodreads profile here.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

I am about a quarter of the way into this one, and I really want to finish it by the end of November.

The illustrated version is absolutely gorgeous, by the way. I’m in love!!

My plan is to read the rest of the series during Christmas break. I think Harry Potter is best read at Christmas time, don’t you agree?


Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

This is sequel to You by Caroline Kepnes, which I absolutely LOVED. You can read my review here.

I started it soon after I finished You, but still haven’t finished it. It’s not as good and gripping as the first one, so my interest has, unfortunately, gone down.

However, I really want to finish it, because it’s not like it’s a bad book, I’m just a bit disappointed because of my high expectations…

Atonement by Ian McEwan atonement

This is one of the books I have to read for school, and I actually should have already started it – oops!

I’m hoping I’ll be able to read it though, and I reaaaally hope it reads quickly. Nothing worse than reading because you’re obligated, instead of reading for fun.

I don’t know much about this story, but I’ll hopefully tell you all about it in my November wrap up post!


Here’s my Goodreads challenge at the moment. I’m pretty proud of it, and I might bring it up to 40 if I hit my goal soon, which I hope I’ll be able to do!!

What about you, what have you been reading? Do you see any of your favorites in this post? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡

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