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Hello, everyone! Today’s post is about my journey through Bullet Journaling, featuring some pictures of my previous bullet journals and spreads.

I hope you like learning about it!! Let’s begin…


I started bullet journaling back in January 2016 – although it seems like I’ve being doing it forever – and my first BuJo was a spiral a5 notebook from Muji with dotted pages.

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I liked it a lot, and actually used most of it, but the spiral wasn’t really my thing, so I wanted to try something different.


My weekly spreads were very different from the spreads I do now, because I did the weekly and the daily on the same spread. I can’t do that now because I currently track my meals, my habits, my sleep, etc and it wouldn’t fit in just one spread. I love how simple these were though!!


When Fall semester came about, I decided to start using a stitched notebook. That was when I got my dotted a5 Leuchtturm1917 in Light Blue, which is GORGEOUS but, unfortunately, being discontinued.

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The Leuchtturm1917 notebook is a great pick for me because a) I can’t rip out the pages, so I won’t constantly keep redoing spreads that I don’t like, and b) everything is easy because of the built-in index and the numbered pages.

A problem I do have with the Leuchtturm, however, is the weight. It comes with 249 pages, and it’s hardcover, so it’s quite heavy, especially compared to the Muji notebook, which is very light! I didn’t want to carry a lot of weight in my bag, so that’s why I let my Leuchtturm go 😦


Next up is my discbound notebook. I had been watching Nicole’s Journal‘s videos, and I was amazed by her journal and how creative she was, so I decided to give it a try. I bought all of the supplies I needed, and just got started. I have a guide to discbound Bullet Journaling, if you’re interested!


I had so much fun with it, and I loved the system so much, but I quickly realized it would be impossible to carry it around when school started again. The paper I was using was 32lbs, so it made it very heavy. Sadly, it just wasn’t happening. But I do love the system nonetheless!!


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Since my problem was with the size and weight, I thought I’d try creating a smaller sized discbound notebook that I could carry around with me, and it would be like a complementary journal to the big one.

I did that, and I loved it, I even made cute little covers like the one you can see above!! Isn’t it so cute!?

The issue? I found that I don’t like having separate notebooks. I wanted to have my schedule, my grade tracker, my meal planning, my birthday tracker, everything in one notebook. I thought “Why don’t I just transfer those spreads onto the tiny one?”. Well, I did that, and the notebook is just too tiny!!

It’s quite convenient to carry around, and the weight is just right, but I like to have space to write. I transferred the birthday spread, but couldn’t fit all of the dates, which sucked. I did weekly layouts, but there wasn’t enough room for everything that I wanted to include, and I was disappointed. Eventually, I gave up on the tiny BuJo 🙁

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This past week I decided to give my Leuchtturm another try. The reason for this is I have been watching Boho Berry‘s videos religiously. Kara has been doing sort of daily vlogging, but with her Bullet Journal, and I’m honestly just so excited to come home every day and watch her planning videos, and after I watch them I just feel relaxed and inspired to finish all of my tasks, and to plan out the next day!

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Last week’s spread – inspired by @boho.berry on IG

Seeing her plan in her Leuchtturm made me miss mine, so I just went for it. If it works, it works, if not, then it’s okay! So far, I’ve been carrying it around with me, sometimes in my hand (luckily it hasn’t been raining in Lisbon!), and it’s working pretty well, fortunately!

I might make an update post in a couple months, and I will hopefully not have changed my method again haha I’ll try my best to be consistent!

That’s all for today’s post guys, I really hope you enjoyed it.

See you on my next post!! ♡


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