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Hello everyone!! Being a Bullet Journal fan for over a year now, I have developed and found little tricks that help me when it comes to my journal. In today’s post, I will be sharing 6 BuJo hacks.

I hope they will help you somehow!! Let’s get started…

1. Monthly tabs

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Scrolling through all of the AliExpress stationery, I came across these little calendar stickers. They were very cheap, so I thought “why not?” and ordered them. Little did I know, they would make my life waaaaaaay easier.

Not only do they give you quick access to the page where your month starts (I put them in my monthly calendar spread), you also don’t have to actually flip to the page to see which day of the week your appointment falls on, for example, because the tab already has a calendar. Just bend your page a little bit, and a tiny calendar is there for quick reference. I also find them way more aesthetically pleasing than adding a stripe of washi tape, like some people do. I just love the look of the tabs sticking out!! Aren’t they so convenient? I love them, and I will most likely order them every year!

2. Dutch doors

I saw the Dutch door method all over Instagram, and one week I decided to go for it. Basically, you just cut the page(s), either vertically, or horizontally (see below), and you can even add tabs if you’d like!

What I like about it is that I can have my weekly spread and my dailies all in one place, and the weekly trackers are always visible in the margins, no matter what day you’re in!


3. DIY covers

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So you have a boring brown or black notebook? Worry not, for we have white and metallic gel pens! This is a little Moleskine notebook that I got, and it was just plain brown, with a cardboard cover. So, what I did as soon as I got it was draw on it with pens that would pop on the brown, and I reaaaaally love how it looks. You could also draw with a black pen, but I love the combination of kraft paper with gold, so I went with it ♡

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Another thing I did was use a tattoo to decorate the cover. This was my first Bullet Journal, it’s a Muji notebook with dot grid paper. I had metallic tattoos at home that I wasn’t going to use, so I thought “wait, what if I try sticking them to the cover?” and it WORKED!!!! I did it just like you put on a temporary tattoo on your skin, and then I sprayed it with hairspray, and it stayed on pretty well.

It did start to get dirty and come out a little bit after a while, because nothing lasts for long inside a school bag haha 

You can’t really clean it, but I actually like how it looks, it adds character and looks sort of vintage, so I’m happy about it.

4. Picture corners

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So you want to add pictures to your journal, but you don’t want to add glue to them and end up ruining both the picture and the journal? I got you!!

Remember when you went through your mom’s or your grandma’s albums, and the pictures were held by little triangles in the corners? Well, you can do that with your journal as well!

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I got these little corners on AliExpress for incredibly cheap, and I can stick pictures wherever I feel like it, it’s pretty cool!!

The next two hacks are related to discbound notebooks

5. two-in-one cover

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Making covers for my discbound BuJo would be a little expensive, so I kind of postponed it a lot. One day something clicked on my mind and I realized “wait, if I can make two covers in one, that’ll save me money!”, so I started designing them.

What I did was basically print the front of one cover and the back of the other on the same sheet. This way, I can change my covers by taking them out and exchanging positions!

6. Bookmark with key

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I wanted to have a bookmark in my journal, so I decided to use cardstock for this purpose. I got pretty colored cardstock, punched it and put it in my journal.

As you can see, it pops out on the top, which is perfect because it’s easy to flip to the current page!

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A spin that I took on it was to add my key. I like to track different things during the week, and I use abbreviations to save space, but sometimes I forget what they mean. So, I added that to the little bookmark, and it makes my life much easier because not only does this little paper mark whatever page I want it to mark, I also always know where my key is, because it sticks out, and I can quickly check what something means!

Alright guys, those are my little tips and tricks for Bullet Journaling. I hope you liked this post, and feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below, as well as your own hacks.

See you on my next post ♡


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