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Hello everyone! Today’s post is about the pros and cons of bullet journaling.

Lately I’ve been reflecting a lot on how it affects my life both positively and negatively. I think it’s important to do that with everything that’s part of your life, even people! You should always try to  figure out if whatever is in your life is doing you more good than bad – and don’t forget to cut out the bad stuff! – so that is what I did. Here is my little list:


  • Versatile
  • 100% customizable, starting with the type of notebook and the kind of paper and pens you want
  • You can spend 200$ on your journal and supplies, or you can spend 2$, it really doesn’t matter because the purpose of the journal is the same no matter what
  • You’re not stuck with a layout, color scheme or spread. You can change it to your liking and needs. Don’t like your habit tracker page? Turn the page and create another one, it’s that simple!
  • It’ll make you remember stuff better than if you were to use an app (it is proven that you’re most likely toremember things that you write down!)
  • Promotes and will help you develop your creativity, if you choose to experiment with doodling (which you don’t have to!!)
  • Your bullet journal is unique because YOU made it
  • Everything is in one place at all times: your tasks for the day, your grocery list, your trackers, everything! So convenient 👍🏼
  • Extremely therapeutic, at least for me. I can spend hours playing around with my journal, and I find it extremely relaxing ♡
  • You might become a perfectionist and be mad at yourself that you messed up on something – at least it happened to me 😬
  • If you lose it, there’s no backup
  • More time-consuming than a regular planner, because you have to write/draw out everything yourself, whereas a planner already has a layout ready to use
  • If you use a stitched notebook, you will have to copy your collection pages (if you keep any in your journal) whenever you get a new notebook

And those were the pros and cons I found in bullet journaling – not only for myself, but in general.

I hope you liked reading about my perspective on this system, and definitely let me know what you think in the comments below – I would love to learn about your thoughts!!

See you on my next post ♡

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