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Hi guys! Today I bring you my bullet journal setup for the month of February.

This will be a companion post to the video below, in which I will explain how I use each spread!

Let’s get to it…



The first page of February is a girly page that I put together, using a vector from I really love how it turned out!

The whole month of February will be pink, since Valentine’s Day is coming up ♡


Next is my monthly spread. On the left is a traditional calendar and my goals for the month.







On the right is a calendar in list format.

I make a circle on the left on days I have events or appointments, and then I write on the right what it is.



The next page is my schedule for the spring semester.


This spread is pretty simple: I assigned a color to each class and filled in the time/day in which I will have that class with little strokes.

Following the schedule, I have my editorial calendar. I took inspiration from Nicole’s Journal because hers was a very simple and effective calendar, so I thought I’d give it a go.


I will use this to plan my videos and blog posts, since they go hand-in-hand. I also added a little “M” to each monday, so that I don’t have to constantly flip back to my calendar page to see which day of the week a certain day is.

And finally, we get to the weekly/daily spread. I sort of combine the two, as you will see.

At the top, I have which week of the year it is, as well as my weekly trackers. If I have any tasks/appointments that are due this week, I will also add that at the top.


I use these trackers to track my sleep, as well as my habits. For the sleep tracker, each day I will add a dot to a little square, indicating how many hours I slept. Then, I connect the dots and the end result is a little graph!

For the habit tracker, I either do a tick or an “x”, depending on whether or not I did them on that day. As you can see, I haven’t been very good this week haha


I added a key that I made out of cardboard, just in case I forget what the abbreviations are on my tracker.


In case you were wondering, the paper I am using is just the dot grid I designed, but since February is the month of love, I added some hearts to the bottom. I think it looks very cute!! Let me know if you’d like a printable of this paper ♡


Alright guys, that is all for my February setup!

See you on my next post ♡



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